Dramatis personæ
Anastasia Gorbunova: Vocals
John Puplett: Guitars
Arun Dhanjal: Drums
Sean Foxley: Bass

Once upon a time we had two wings. But after the rise of capitalism and the fall of rock’n’roll, the wings had to be rationed and humanity faced the ultimate decision between the Left and the Right. Until nations are once again allowed to harmonize with each other, there shall be no peace on Earth. The search for the missing wing continues, but the first step to solving the problem is admitting you have One Wing Left.

When the last wise owl went into oblivion, and Oxford ran out of books to burn, One Wing Left rose from the flames of rock’n’roll. We believe in the power of free music and girth in the riff.

Once we were strangers
Nesting in feathers
Easy to squeeze.

Words carry messages
Inspired by battle
Newfound questions;
Girth in the riff.

Live long but focus;
Every breath is for music.
Fly towards freedom –
Thoughts are contagious.

One Wing Left is a Rock Band. A Rock Band plays Rock music. A good Rock Band plays good Rock music. Does the sound of the Rock Band elicit an unexpected or uncontrolled response that may or may not make you want to dance? Does the Rock Band performance make you feel like you have just witnessed something worth witnessing? Do bits of the Rock Band’s songs get unconsciously recorded in the brain’s looped tape recorder, causing the unassuming recipient to go mad days later because it just won’t stop replaying? If so, then the purveyor of such songs is probably a good Rock Band. We feel that One Wing Left is a good Rock Band.

One Wing Left is a Rock Band. No more. No less. The tragic pigeonholing of Rock Bands that comes with the incessant need to categorise music by sub-genre within sub-genre is simply a distraction from this simple fact. Sometimes a Rock Band is just a Rock Band. Sometimes an OWL is just an OWL.

One Wing Left is a Rock Band. You’ve seen it before. The players are the same. Only the faces have changed. There will be no cliché profession of soul stirring passion for music here. No tightly spun yarns of emotionally based musical discovery saving troubled youth. Pronouncements of esoteric influence or exotic training are the defining elements that lead to a cult of personality. It speaks of the artist. It says nothing of the art. One Wing Left chooses to let their music speak for itself.

One Wing Left (or OWL if you are a friend. You’ve read this far, so you’re a friend. Secret handshakes come later) is comprised of vocals, guitars, bass, and drums. Their backgrounds are wide and varied. OWL listeners often convey perceived similarities to bands (think late 70’s-early 80’s post-punk Britain – their words, not ours) that have little to do with the band’s admitted influences (Rock Bands – our words, not theirs). OWL is happy with whatever influence you think you hear in their music. OWL simply writes it, plays it, and hopes that you, the listener, enjoy it.

To wrap this up, as we’re sure you have work to do, let us digress a moment to see if some common trajectories of a particular calibre of band can summarise the OWL mission for you a bit. Remember the first Rock Band that you heard that really meant something to you, but no one knew who they were (yet)? They were yours. They were a good Rock Band. Remember when they developed, evolved, matured, and suddenly everyone was riding the [enter-Rock Band-name-here], uh, Rock Band wagon? You felt like a piece of you was stolen. Yet, try as you might, you couldn’t turn your back on that good Rock Band. They mattered. They were a great Rock Band.

One Wing Left is a Rock Band.
We think One Wing Left is a good Rock Band.
One Wing Left strives to be a great Rock Band.